Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Cap Goes On

The cap of Stevens' Mill was lifted back on top of the mill tower on the morning of 29th August 2013.
We are very grateful to our neighbours in Mill Close for putting up with the enormous crane being parked in their street for half a day. Special thanks to the neighbours who allowed people to stand on their drives and lawns to get a better view of the cap lift. 
Photos below. Video at very bottom of the page.
Not an Anthony Gormley sculpture but one of the millwrights preparing to attach the crane to the mill's temporary roof. As seen from Saxon Drive.

The temporary roof is removed.

The millwrights prepare the cap to take the fantail.

The fantail is lifted from the museum site.

Fantail lowered in to place.

With the fantail attached the cap is prepared for lifting.

Cap lifting. Photo by millwright Steven from the top of the mill tower.

Another view from the top of the mill by Steven. You can see some local residents watching the lift.

Guiding the cap into position as it's lowered.

Millwright Neil lowers the cap the last few centimetres using the chain blocks.

The chains and strops are now slack meaning the cap is in place.

Safety rails for the fantail stage are attached to the crane.

Safety rails lowered on to the scaffolding for Neil to put in place on the fantail stage.

View from across Mill Close

View from Saxon Drive.

Inside the cap

Inside the cap

Inside the cap

The mill site looking tidier and bigger with the safety fence removed and the grass cut.

This where the cap sat from 13th March 2013 until 29th August 2013.
The grass will grow back soon.
This video is in HD. Click on the cog symbol once you have started the video to select picture quality.
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