Tuesday, 22 November 2011

HLF awards a development grant towards the restoration of Burwell’s historic windmill

Burwell Museum has been awarded a £13,400
 development grant and a first-round pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund to
 conduct a project to repair and conserve the Grade II* listed Stevens’
 Windmill. This is a first step towards a larger grant from the HLF which would restore the windmill to its authentic condition using sails and wind power to drive the milling machinery, and refurbish the interior so the four-storey Mill can be open to the public.
Stevens' Mill around the 1920s-30s
Stevens' Mill - early 1900s
It’s exciting news, and we’re working hard to develop the plans to get a full grant from the HLF for the restoration works and to integrate the Mill into the Museum’s collections. Our aim is to develop the Museum into a regional educational resource that explores the story of rural life in a fen edge village for learners of all ages. Watch this space for updates…