Tuesday, 12 March 2013


The big day has finally arrived – the cap is being lifted off Burwell Mill by a 65-tonne mobile crane from 9.30am. It’s a historic day for the village, so please come along and bring your friends and family – refreshments will be provided. All are welcome!

Getting the cap off the Mill is no easy matter! During the lifting operation, the crane’s extending boom will be positioned high above the Mill. The 6-ton cap will be lifted off and placed on the grass beside the Mill. Finally, a temporary flat roof will be placed on top of the Mill, to protect it from rain while repairs are being carried out.

It’s part of the Fresh Wind in Our Sails restoration project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Anne Mason, HLF Committee Member for the East of England, will be in attendance during the morning,  and will say a few words about the event and the Fresh Wind in Our Sails project.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Fresh Wind in Our Sails team
Temporary roof ready to go on the mill on Wednesday

The mill & museum entrance on Tuesday evening
 Photos by Simon Heath

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