Wednesday, 29 May 2013

More Restoration Photos - May 2013

 More photos of the restoration work that has been taking place this month.
The repairs are on schedule, with the cap and sails due to go back on in late September - early October.
Click on a photo to see a larger version. Oldest photos at the bottom. Newest at the top.

Neil and Steve, the millwrights, nailing on the planks. The planks are tapered to a point so they lie without gaps between them. Another layer of planks will cover the joints between the first layer.

Cladding the cap with cedar begins

Cap frame with repairs.
New wooden floor
More brick repairs. The mill is actually built of clunch, a local hard chalky stone. The walls are very thick here and the bricks are just used to fill the gaps where the outer edges of the large clunch blocks have deteriated. This prevents the need to replace the whole block.
Rotten window to be replaced.
New bricks replacing old bricks that had come loose in an old repair.
Damaged clunch and bricks removed and new brick repair started.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Restoration Update - April/May 2013

Here are some photos from Steve, one of our Millwrights, of what they've been doing for us over the last few weeks. Captions by Steve, too. (Click on a photo for a larger version)
Burwell mill rear porch
Burwell mill noggins nogged
Stevens mill Burwell minus ugly alloy sheeting

Burwell mill sail no.1 on its stock with
back stays and weather boards
Burwell mill sail no.1 finished

Burwell mill,stock clamps fitted
Burwell mill second sail on its stock

Patterns for Burwell mill rocker arms
Burwell museum birds eye view